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I’ve dedicated myself to helping clients like you achieve financial wealth and peace of mind. Learn how almost every facet of your life can be more rewarding at the same time as your nest egg is growing.


Mark Astrinos brings to each Libra Wealth client a significant depth of experience in a range of professional certifications (list below). In addition, clients benefit from his personal strengths in trend analysis, research, attention to detail, and creative customization of personalized solutions. At Libra Wealth, strong technical tax expertise is rigorously applied to all investment and financial planning recommendations, with the objective of minimizing tax exposure.

Clients are encouraged to be true collaborators in the planning process. Mark guides them in exploring their current circumstances, motivating values, and objectives in order to craft a unique financial strategy. Mark provides up-to-date relevant resources to help clients understand the options, opportunity costs, and risks of each choice in order to make well-informed decisions. Mark Astrinos strives to organize and streamline all aspects of his clients’ financial life, both “macro” (investments, insurance, retirement, estate planning) and “micro” (income, spending, savings, taxes). His goal is to ensure that every client feels at ease — confident in the advice of a respected professional.

Education and Certifications:
CFP® - Certified Financial Planner
CPA - Certified Public Accountant
PFS® - Personal Financial Specialist
RLP® - Registered Life Planner
BSC in Accounting, Cum Laude - Santa Clara University


Libra Wealth was established based on the highest ethical standards. We would be absolutely comfortable recommending Libra to our own family members. As an independent firm, we work for our clients — not for a brokerage firm, bank, or insurance company. We are not compensated to recommend specific investments. And being independent means we have a fee-only compensation structure — no commissions, no markups, and no hidden fees. Libra Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Mark Astrinos is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). We are legally bound to a high fiduciary standard by which he must act with ethical integrity in a client’s best interests. At Libra Wealth, our goal is for you to experience more independence in your life. Independence means having choice and it's one of life's greatest gifts. Helping you design the best financial plans for your needs allows you to make the most rewarding financial and life choices. As a your personal financial consultants, we work solely with your goals in mind to help you achieve this independence in your life.


Your money is an integral part of your life. Although Libra Wealth is first and foremost your financial planning partner, we are also Registered Life Planners. We want to help you understand what money means in the context of your life. After all, a plan pointed in the wrong direction is like an airplane on the wrong flight path; you may arrive at the final destination (e.g. retirement) only to find out it's not where you wanted to be. At Libra we are passionate about helping you use all your resources (financial and human capital) not just to live, but to thrive. Financial planning isn't just about savings, budgets, deprivation, and sacrificing, although it often requires these.

The true purpose of financial planning is helping you live your best life in a balanced, thoughtful way, using the resources you have.

It's about maximizing the output (life) for each resource input (time, money, energy). By missing this point, you may miss the entire purpose of having a plan, which could lead to regret. Financial Life Planners are in the business of helping you lead your best life now and in the future, but getting there requires thoughtful reflection. Libra’s purpose is to support the fulfillment of your life plan.

Design a lifestyle that allows you to thrive.

Our Core Values

We believe that starting with the right foundation followed by a thoughtful approach is key to designing strategies for your money and life.


Libra Wealth takes its name from the zodiac sign represented by a balanced scale, symbolic of our belief that true wealth is a combination of many factors in balance, not just the accumulation of money. Time, energy, career, skills, health, relationships, and education are also very important. Our Financial Life Planning process helps you integrate all these resources to live your ideal life. It is our hope that you will soon begin to experience the rewards that true wealth brings such as financial security, larger purpose, better health and relationships, and personal freedom.


Change and uncertainty will always complicate life. Maybe the markets have been extremely volatile and you're uncertain about your plan. Perhaps a birth or death in the family means you need to plan for a different future. At Libra Wealth we view all of these circumstances as opportunities for growth. Our planning process starts by describing your ideal life. Once you've clarified what's important, we start to add the financial architecture to support your goals. While decisions won't always be easy, you will have a framework that focuses your efforts to grow financially while respecting all the other facets of your life.


You probably yearn for more freedom in your life. You may want to spend more time with loved ones, care for your health, pursue creative projects, start a new business, make an impact on your community, or leave a legacy. Often these wishes are extinguished because of financial constraints (both real and imagined), and sometimes our own insecurities or societal expectations get in the way. Whatever the reason, it is Libra’s purpose to help you achieve the freedom you wish for.


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