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Libra Wealth

Welcome to Libra Wealth – an independent, fee-only financial advisory firm in San Francisco, California. Although based in the Bay Area, video-conferencing technology allows us to service clients across the country.

We bring up-to-date advice in the areas of tax, investments, behavioral finance, and positive psychology, giving you a framework for allocating your precious time and resources, achieving your financial goals, and enjoying your life along the way.

Our mission is to inspire, educate, and empower you to create true wealth and align your money with the life you want to lead.

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Libra Wealth will help you more objectively navigate through the choices, acknowledge the trade-offs, and evaluate the risks. We will help you develop a personalized framework for making those difficult choices and achieving your specific life objectives.

You Want More Clarity

We get it – financial decisions can be overwhelming. There are too many “experts,” and either too much or too little information. At Libra, we start by pressing the pause button and making sure your actions and decisions line up with your priorities. Libra will help you answer the question "What does my ideal life look like?" and work with you to create a plan to achieve it.

You Want More Confidence

The more complex our lives become, the more overwhelmed we can feel. When too much information and too many choices result in a kind of paralysis, we can’t advance our objectives or honor our most meaningful values. Libra Wealth can help you cut through the information clutter so you can more confidently allocate your scarce resources (time, energy, and money) to achieve the balance and goals you seek.

You Want More Flexibility

At Libra, we understand that with flexibility comes time – a scarce and precious resource. Flexibility can give you time for your family, relationships, health, creative pursuits, community, and relaxation. Let us bring you our expertise in the areas of tax, investments, financial planning, and life planning so you will be able to start making decisions and taking actions that infuse your life with flexibility.

Our Services

Our integrated suite of financial planning and investment management services has been structured to meet the needs of most clients.

Collaborative Partnership

When you work with an independent, objective professional who has your best interests at heart, it's a huge relief. While we're incredibly passionate about the work that we do, our process is designed around your engagement on multiple levels so that you feel more confident about your plan. Because the collaborative partnership is the cornerstone of our relationship, we were very deliberate about how we designed our firm. As a Libra client you will always have access to your advisor and also the latest technology tools to ensure that you have up to date financial information at your fingertips.

Financial Life Planning

Financial Life Planning disrupts the traditional advice model. It's proactive, thorough, and holistic. While Financial Life Planning includes advice on the traditional topics such as financial goals, retirement, cash flow, education funding, and estate planning, it goes even further to create a more robust plan. A well-constructed financial life plan integrates all your resources: money, time, energy, skills, health, and relationships. The end result reflects thoughtful advice and a sound financial framework to make life choices in a more meaningful and holistic way.

Investment Management

Your investment philosophy should be based on thoughtful research. Your financial strategy should stack the odds of success in your favor while being tax savvy and economical. We ensure you have an investment framework that aligns your money decisions and personal aspirations to help you live the life you want and deserve to lead. Our approach emphasizes diversification (balance), low cost, and tax efficiency.

Meet Mark

Mark Astrinos, CPA/PFS, CFP, RLP, is the principal and founder of Libra Wealth in San Francisco, CA. Prior to starting Libra, he spent over a decade working for some of the most prominent CPA and Wealth Management firms in the country. His clients include entrepreneurs, young professionals, Fortune 500 executives, and retirees.

Drawing from his tax and business background, he helps clients navigate investment decisions and life transitions. As a Registered Life Planner, Mark works with clients to design a plan that creates wealth while keeping all other aspects of life in healthy balance. Learn More ›


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